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Apple Introduces AirPods Max

One last "one more thing" the Apple team had in store for 2020. The launch - finally! - of new supra-ear headphones that mix what is offered by the AirPods Pro and the HomePod to offer what Apple describes as " epiphany ”: it's the AirPods Max. kissaime

For now, there is little we can say about the new AirPods Max. Its design is clear, distinctive and very Apple. As with the new iPhones, with the AirPods and with the Apple Watch the moment you see the AirPods Max you will know that they are the new Apple headphones.

And it is that from the design of the headband to the pads, through the stainless steel structure and the telescopic arms, they seem more like a fashion statement than a functional device. Beautiful? Yes! Different from the competition? Obviously!.

The AirPods Max come in 5 colors: White / Silver, Black / Space Gray, Red / Pink, Blue and Green.

However, the green, blue and pink models are already sold out and the dispatch times quickly went from 1 week to March 2021, at least in the US presale.

This despite the fact that the price - USD 549 - is more than what similar headphones from Bose, Sony or Sensheiser are worth, and even more than one of the new Playstation 5s.

Speaking of the price, which I know is expensive, I remembered a quote from Greg Jozwiak from a few weeks ago:

If visually they are cute (although I must say that the case does not seem so pretty), aurally the company promises an experience without equal with the incorporation of Immersive Audio that uses 6 external microphones and 2 internal microphones to create a sound bubble that uses the best of Computational Audio technology offered by HomePods with the advantages of adaptive equalization of the H1 Chip.

And add to that the newly released spatial audio that offers a dynamic experience in which sound sources are anchored to a fixed point and stay there even when you move your head. It's super cool! (If you have AirPods Pro you can try it).

Image: Apple

The AirPods Max work with Bluetooth 5.0 and are compatible with any iOS, macOS, tvOS or even Android device, although it is clear that most of the functionalities that they lack (one-touch configuration, shared audio, spatial audio, etc.) They are limited to those who pair them with another device in the Apple ecosystem.

Each earphone has an optical sensor, a position sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and 4 microphones, plus the H1 Chip.

And let me leave a topic here for a future article. This topic of Spatial Audio, Adaptive Equalizer and, in general, an exceptional listening experience is key to what we will see from Apple in 2021, for its augmented and virtual reality platform and for a new model of computing and entertainment .

For now we know that they will arrive in Mexico, Chile and Colombia (they appear on their respective pages) and although in Mexico their price will be $ 13,699 we still do not have confirmation or date of local prices for the other 2 countries.

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