Dr Vinod Raina

Dr Vinod Raina

Dr. Vinod Raina is an HIV specialist who is awell-known face in this field. He is practicing from past 20 years and hastreated thousands of people. He is top most HIV Doctors in Delhi,NCR. HIV is a virus which if not eradicated before time can lead to thedevelopment of HIV positive and then this viral load remains in body for life.Like other viral infections, HIV virus also enters the body and attacks theimmune cells thus resulting in the collapse of immune system. But thedifference here is that in case of entry of HIV virus in blood, it makes itshome there for life. It cannot be eradicated from body then. So, to boostimmune system and make yourself fit for the survival, one has to definitelyconsult HIV doctor, HIV specialist doctors. In case if HIV infection hasentered the body and within 72 hours of possible exposure PEP TREATMENT isstarted, in that case one can be prevented from becoming HIV positive. PEPtreatment for HIV is given in the window period of possible HIV infection. PEPFor HIV Treatment is the therapy to eradicate HIV infection from body for life.

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