Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain


Bangalore Mart Inc

Scrap Dealers andBuyers

WarehouseMS Racks, Old and Damage Stock Clearance, All Types of FMCG Products Goods,Garments Stock, Cloths, Shoes, Furniture’s, Automobile Products, Food Products,Stationary Items, Hardware Items, Machinery Parts, IT Scrap, Wood Items,Transport Goods, Costumes Clearance, Toys, Baby Products, and Other Materials’.


Damage Soap, DetergentCake, Power, Shampoo, Bath Soap, Toilet Soap and Other Products Like Deodorant,Perfumes, Spray, Cosmetic Products, Body Power, Face Cream, Cloths WashingPower, Shower Gel, Face Wash, Hand Wash and Others Products.


WasteAtta,  Waste Rice,  Waste Wheat, Waste Ragi, All Types of Spices, Talcum Powder, Waste Ghee, Dry Fruits,Snacks, Chips, Waste Noodles, Biscuits, Waste Sugar, Food Items Coconut Oil,Vegetable Oil, Cooking Oil, Waste Oil, Waste Confectionary, Waste Chocolates,Waste Mints, Frozen and Expired Chicken, Meat, and Other Products..

EndUser Certificate will be issued for expired food products.

ThisExpired Products is used for Cattle Feed, Pig, Fish, Birds and Animal Feeds.


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