WordPress Change User Admin Email without confirmation verification


If you see a notice when you update your user email address (not just admin) in WordPress, and you want to disable it, below is the How-To to fix this problem.

When you change your email address, you may see

There is a pending change of your email to <some_email_address.>

To solve, in your theme functions.php, add this line (Reference Link here):

remove_action('personal_options_update', 'send_confirmation_on_profile_email');

Saved and upload to your theme directory. Fixed!

By the way, in case you want to disable email notification after changing your password, add the following line in your theme functions.php (Reference Link here)

add_filter('send_password_change_email', '__return_false');

Saved and upload to your theme directory. Fixed!

direct mysql wp-users  table

UPDATE wp_users SET user_email = ‘youremail@example.com’ WHERE ID = 1



UPDATE `wp_options` SET `option_value` = ‘xyx@gmail.com’ WHERE `wp_options`.`option_name` = ‘admin_email’;


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