Eye is one of the most important sense organs, and it’s very important to take care of it with extreme caution. Cataract is one of the most common eye problem, and it can be cured by a simple surgery. But a very few people know about Glaucoma, which is also a very dangerous and is infact incurable after a certain stage. Glaucoma is the second largest eye disease, and despite of that, a very few people know about it.

According to one of the best ophthalmologists in Delhi NCR, the symptoms of Glaucoma is often ignored by most of the people, and people often confuse it with other minor diseases, and do not realise the intensity of the same. The common symptoms include headache, frequent change in eye power and even dryness in the eyes. Some other symptoms include blurred vision, nausea and sight loss. The veins usually become weak when you have Glaucoma, which is the main cause. If not detected on time, Glaucoma can even lead to loss of eyesight, and there is no way to restore the same.

Most of the people confuse the signs of Glaucoma with something else and do not realise it has become a problem for a very long time. Frequently increasing eye power can be confused by constant exposure to the computer/TV. The headaches too can be confused with a normal headache, which is becoming very common these days, considering the bad lifestyle of the people. The nausea also happens because of a bad diet and routine, and the symptoms of Glaucoma isn’t caught by the people. This is the sole reason why people are recommended to visit the best eye care centre in Delhi NCR regularly for early detection.

The symptoms of glaucoma isn’t caught because of the negligence of people. They neglect small health problems, unless they see something really serious happening. This is one reason why the people are asked to get their regular complete body checkups done regularly.

The main problem here is, there is no complete cure for Glaucoma, and it can only be controlled by medicines. Unlike cataract, it doesn’t have any surgery, which can cure it completely. If detected on time, it can be controlled, but in case it reaches a certain stage, it might even lose your vision. People with diabetes, on steroids, or the ones who have had a eye trauma usually are most likely to have Glaucoma.

Here are a few tips to prevent Glaucoma and save your eyesight.

Eye Checkup – Make sure you get your eye checked every two years. The optic nerve needs to be examined, as soon as you realize you are facing vision loss.
Eye Pressure– The optic nerve is damaged because of the high pressure in the eye. You must know the pressure of your eye, and know what is the right pressure for you.
Medication- Considering the fact that Glaucoma is a lifelong condition, you must take your medicines regularly, as prescribed by the doctor if you have Glaucoma.
Apart from these main eye care tips, you must also ensure that you know whether you are under the risk of the same or not. Since it is the second leading cause of blindness, you must be cautious and get your eyes tested regularly, to make sure it is detected on time.


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