Diwali is over and we are left with its severe side-effects. When we talk about side-effects, we are not just talking about the breathing problems, there’s more to it. Apart from asthma, skin problems like acne, dull and dry skin, eczema, rashes and irritation in the eyes, eye infections, dry/red eyes are some other issues that are playing havoc on the health of people. It has been reported that post-Diwali, the air quality in India was the worst i.e. between 40-100%. The air quality index is reported to be 445 which comes under ‘severe’ category.

While the heavy smog (the worst in the last 17 years) and increased pollutants in the air after the festival are making headlines, the medical fraternity is highly concerned with the escalation in the number of cases related to asthma, heart diseases, skin problems and eye infections.

The Diwali smog has left people with watery eyes. The best eye specialists in India are also receiving cases of eye irritation and infections. Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. High pollution levels may lead to eye infections and irritation in the eye. Dr. Sridevi Gunda, Ophthalmologist, iTek Vision Centre says, “The most common problems due to the pollution are redness, burning sensation, itching, watering, dry or gritty sensation or allergic reaction which can cause vision loss, especially in complicated cases.” In order to combat the negative effects of air pollution on the eyes, one should consult the best eye care specialist in Delhi who can screen, and diagnose the issue and suggest suitable treatment for eye care.

Eye specialists advise that one should use cool, compress regularly. Over the counter eye drops and regular eye wash is of utmost importance. Wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your eye frequently. Visit an eye specialist or the best eye care centre in Noida, in case the condition persists for a long time. Here are some tips that will come handy while taking care of your precious eyes-

Maintain hygiene and wash your hands thoroughly.
Do not rub your eyes with dirty hands as it may cause eye infection.
Wear sunglasses while stepping out in the sun especially at places where there is dust.
Do not use eye makeup if you have eye infection as the chemicals in the cosmetics can harm your eyes.
Wash your eyes with cold water. You can also use rosewater to soothe eyes.
If the condition persists, consult an eye specialist immediately.
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