Today, technology has replaced the old conventional methods of doing work. When it comes to trimming your beard people prefer getting it trimmed by a trimmer. Earlier scissors used to do the same job which trimmers are doing today, but they have been replaced by trimmers as it requires very less amount of time and energy to get your beard in shape with a trimmer. But trimmers can never achieve the amount of precision that scissors provide. Moreover, the natural effect that one gets with scissors can never be got by trimmers.

So if you want that natural feel and precision and are deciding to buy a beard scissor then here are the things that you should consider while buying beard scissors:
1. Size
There might be a question popping in your mind that whether the scissors used to cut fabric or hair can be used for beard trimming?
Normal scissors that are used to cut fabric are too long to be used for beard trimming. The appropriate scissors that can be used for beard trimming should be 5 to 5.5 inches long. The benefit that one gets with a shorter scissor is that your hand remains closer to your face and a straight line can be maintained while trimming. Moreover, with shorter scissors, it’s easy to trim the hard reach areas around the nose and lips.
2. Grip
The second most important thing to look out for while buying a beard scissor is the grip that you are getting while holding the scissor. Many times it happens that when you want to get a perfect line with a precise as well as natural cut then you will have to hold your fingers in a very uncomfortable position so that you do not lose the line. So, the next time that you are looking for a beard trimmer always keeps in mind to check the finishing of the scissor so that it does not hurt in the process of getting your hair in shape.
3. Blade
Now, coming to the most important part of the scissor, the part which does the actual job, the blades. The blades in your scissors must be good enough to cut through your facial hair. Generally, the scissors that are used to cut fabric and hair are micro-serrated. Similarly, a serrated knife is ideal for cutting through the soft skin of fruits. Similarly, micro-serrated scissors are best to cut through facial hair without leaving any fray or split ends. Any other blade will not give you the desired results in comparison to the micro-serrated blades.
4. Material
A scissor will only be as good if its build quality is good. A good beard scissor is made up of high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is the perfect material to be used for beard trimmers as it is lightweight as well as rustproof. It makes the scissor easy to use as well as durable. If we talk about stainless steel, in particular, the German and Japanese stainless steel comes on top. Japanese ones might give you precision, but German ones are the best when it comes to durability. German steel made scissors are more resilient.
5. Maintenance
The resilience and durability that German steel makes it very easy to maintain your scissors. German steel scissors do not require regular sharpening or upkeep, unlike other beard trimming tools. One more thing that you need to look for while purchasing a beard scissor is whether it comes with a protective case or not. A protective case decreases the chances of your beard scissor undergoing damage. Apart from this, one added advantage that you will get is that while kept in a bag it won’t flow and cut other objects.

Beard scissors may be a thing of the old school, but still when it comes to precision and the so-called natural feel, then hands down there’s no competition to the beard scissors. By keeping the above points in mind while purchasing a beard scissor, you will get the best product for yourself.


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