Magento function


Magento is a robust ecommerce platform that is just right for projects of all complexities. Perhaps because of the all-inclusive code base, creating and editing Magento based code could become a real challenge.

Magento Functions Cheat Sheet

To big help out fellow Magento coders, I have collect compiled the following cheat sheet of the frequently used Magento functions, this is frequently used during Magento Developments. So in no particular order, the following list covers essential Magento functions that will help you take care of basic tasks while writing Magento code.

Get the Store URL

Get the Referer URL

Get Current Page URL

Get Magento Page URL

Get Product URL

Get Image From Skin Folder

Get Image From Skin Folder (Secure Access)

Get Checkout Page URL

Get Cart Page URL

Get Current Category

Get Category by ID

Get Product by ID

Get Product by SKU

Add CSS File in Layout Block

Add JS File in Layout Block

Remove Block From Old Parent

Add Block to New Parent

Add CMS Block in Layout Block

Insert Template File in Layout Block

Get Base URL in CMS Pages

Get Store URL in CMS Pages

Get Media URL in CMS Pages

Get Skin URL in CMS Pages

Call a Magento Block in CMS Pages

Load Cache Object

Save Item in Cache Object

Retrieve Saved Cache

Remove Saved Cache

Save Session Value

Retrieve Session Value

Check Whether Customer is Logged in