Managed it infrastructure services in Bangalore | IT consulting services

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Managed it infrastructure services in Bangalore | IT consulting services

Application Development & QA: Teams can quickly bring up and pull-down development & Quality Assurance environments, bringing new applications to market faster. IaaS makes it speedy and cost-effective to scale up Dev-QA servers up and down.

Web hosting: Operating websites on IaaS platform can be cheaper than traditional website hosting.

Storage, Backup, and Recovery: Industries of all sizes avoid the capital expenditure for storage and intricacy of storage administration, which typically requires a skilled staff to manage data and meet official and compliance needs. IaaS is useful for handling volatile demand and gradually growing storage needs. IaaS also simplifies governance of data backup and recovery systems.

Web Apps: IaaS provides all the infrastructure to support web apps, including storage, web and application servers, and networking resources. Organizations can quickly deploy web apps on IaaS and easily scale infrastructure up and down when demand for the apps is unpredictable.

High-performance computing: High-performance computing (HPC) on supercomputers, computer grids, or computer clusters helps solve complex problems involving millions of variables or calculations.

Big data analysis: Big data is a popular term for massive data sets that contain potentially valuable patterns, trends, and associations. Mining data sets to locate or tease out these hidden patterns requires a huge amount of processing power, which IaaS economically provides.

Migrate to NYGCI IaaS platform


Learn NYGCI’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) on Azure, AWS and GCP helps you quickly create a reliable and scalable infrastructure in two steps —while cutting the time and efforts spent to plan, procure, and manage infrastructure.

Offer new business apps to users faster. Because you do not need to first set up the infrastructure before you can develop and deliver apps.

NYGCI also provides DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service), STaaS (Storage as a Service), & SaaS (Software as a Service).

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