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Otahuhu Engineering
28 Tui St, Otahuhu, Auckland , New Zealand
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When it comes to customized metal fabrication Auckland products, quality control can be done on per piece basis. It is also possible to do it while the product is in the process of being assembled. Unlike mass-produced metal products, customized fabricated metals are always based on the specifications of the clients. Sometimes there are components that cannot easily be constructed from scratch and improvisation may be necessary. However, the assembly and construction of the products must adhere very closely to the specifications or blueprints. Metal fabricators also need to regularly consult their clients if there are major or minor changes in the products being assembled. Proper consultation with clients is crucial to prevent the final product from deviating too much from the specifications. This is especially correct if the fabricated metals need to be integrated with or assembled into larger structures. Precision is crucial when it comes to projects that involve assembling or integrating specific components such as in the case of car restoration. 

When you need engineering services, you should contact us at Otahuhu Engineering. Our team of skilled and experienced engineers will complete your project to the highest possible standards, including on complex projects. In fact, we take pride in taking on and successfully completing projects that our competitors regard as being too difficult.

At Otahuhu Engineering, we welding auckland  have experience creating unique and eye-catching architectural steelwork, working with artists, architects ,and public bodies. Whatever vision you have for the installation you want to create, we will help you make it happen.

We specialise in lifting equipment at Otahuhu Engineering, so if you need specialised lifting equipment, please give us a call. This includes jib cranes, mono rails, lifting beams, and more. We have experience designing and manufacturing customised lifting solutions.

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