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Privacy and anonymity are now becoming an essential part especially when you go online and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are playing role in improving your online security and privacy. 

EXO VPN is a product of Canadian-based software company Cybexo, Inc. EXO VPN Best free Vpn app version have limited features to access but these free features are for a lifetime. Free EXO VPN version creates a secure connection of your device with free servers. You can go well with the browsing but you will also face some difficulties if you use Netflix or watch videos from any site. Whereas, paid version of the EXO VPN mobile app is much, much better than the free version. Your device can get synced with high-speed servers in the paid version of EXO VPN. Not only has that EXO VPN allowed ten devices’ connection at a time. The best thing is EXO VPN paid version is cheaper than Express VPN and NordVPN with faster speed. It’s also the best VPN for Netflix unblock. Let’s have a look at the installation method of the EXO VPN Free app.

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