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Copper lugs are ideal for large gauge applications for power draw or grounding. Each copper lug can be either crimped or soldered to wire. The copper lug features a burr-free appearance for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

One end of the copper lug accommodates the cable using a soldering, welding or crimping method, depending on the type of lug. The other end of the copper lug is fastened to a matching terminal or connection point using a bolt, screw or spring clip.


  • Material    : Electrolytic Copper Tube having conductivity more than 97% IACS.
  • Finish       : Tin plating to avoid oxidation & to achieve maximum corrosion protection.
  • Annealing : Crack free crimping

Available in different sizes and specifications.


Cable Lug is used to connect a cable to the device while the other end is attached to the connection terminal. The first end is crimped, soldered or welded to make sure the secure connection. The second end is fastened with a screw or a bolt. The usage of terminal and bimetallic lugs differs from industry to industry.
Many different sizes, shapes, and materials are available in cable lugs along with different configurations. Wiring, automation, control panel, and instrumentation industry requires insulated lugs with varying terminals including a pin, blade, hook, fork, and ring terminal. Most devices are connected with copper ring type lugs for multiple connection purposes.

Butt and parallel connector is another type of lug. When two cables need to be terminated or connected these are used. Most common are heat shrinkable, closed-end type, butt type, and PVC insulated. Copper cable lugs can also be used as the butt and parallel connectors, but it depends on the type of cable used.


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