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The diagnostic lab is an important part of our life because the diagnostic lab is the only way through which we can find our internal or external body diseases. There are several problems with diagnostic labs that many peoples are facing and they are unable to find answers. Some of them are;- 
1. Patent:- Most path labs have patents in their locations. The reason for this being the lack of organized information among the general people regarding the location of other more efficient laboratories. This also allows these patent laboratories to sometimes quote extravagant prices for simple tests.
2. No Rating Systems:- As we know that whenever we visit any shop or diagnostic lab then if we like his/her services we can give feedback or ratings. Due to this people can find the right place for his use. In other words, through the help of the rating system, you can find the right diagnostic lab.
3. Low competition:- Without competition, no sector can develop. And unfortunately, this sector is one of the lowest competition industries in the market, not for lack of availability, but lack of information. People just do not know where they can get a better price or service than their neighborhood lab.
4. Most laboratories do not offer sample collection facilities and due to this our compulsion is to visit the lab.

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