Oxidised silver jewellery back in rage!

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Oxidised jewellery online is in fashion again as an exclusiveoption with all its grace and excellent expertise.


A dazzling beauty of black silver is often compared to that of the moon’s glowing spark. And the fact that oxidised silver tends toblend with any skin tone thereby escalate the look of the wearer.


No wonder it’s back in the style as a ideal choice among jewelry lovers. The growing admiration of oxidised jewelry has resultedin contemporary designs.


The silver oxidised jewellery designer collection of rings, earrings, necklaces,bracelets and so forth are endless! Moreover, the craze in fashion jewellery isalso granting a lot in publicizing such ornaments among all women.

In this blog, we will talk about trends in silveroxidised earrings. Oxidised earring sets are paired with traditional outfits orsarees, but don’t restrict oxidised ornaments to just certain attires.



The advantage about oxidised jewellery is you can buy it from anywhere, flea markets,online, at jewellery stores, memorial stores or your town’s local markets.Styles are multifaceted and options are many. Traditional silver jewellerywould require sustainted upkeep due to its tarnish-prone nature, but theblackened silver look is the USP of oxidised jewellery so no need to clean itfor shine regularly. But if you’re worried about the warring between the shadesof the silver and your skin tone, try them on physically before orderingsimilar shades online. Examine each piece before spending money, to see if themetal is well made as opposed to bendable, or if the stonework or varnishing isfirmly set.


Buying inexpensive oxidised jewelry for short-termwear or single wear is not a matter for concern, but if you’re drafting to makeit a daily or regular wear, make sure you buy it from a authorized jeweler.Hard-wearing oxidised jewelry will cause its blackened look to fade over sometime and the true silver will appear. In such scenarios, visit a jeweler for are-blackening touch-up.


If you’re cautious on buying high fashion designeroxidised jewellery, look no further than taupeandteal.com Our's oxidised silverjewelry with unique and preliminary designs is one of the best in the world.


Teamit up

Reasons why silveroxidised jewellery is in great demand with fashion influencers are that itcan be found in a row of variety, designs and colors with mix-n-match ofdifferent material like wood, beads, ivory, shells, jute, terracotta anddifferent types of metals. The pure idea of any jewellery is to know how toflaunt it right. Nikita Wable, a freelance writer, says, ‘’The top way to dothis trend is to style your look with chunky oxidised jewellery with any wearlike sarees, kurta, western outfit, indo western or with an elegant maxi. Iteam it up with any of my outfits and it is often cherished.’’


Thebold way

Oxidised jewellery with intricate thread work isbecoming famous because of its utility. We all love to look out of the box, andwant to be acknowledged for our brilliance, intelligence and informal skills.To stand out in a crowd, all you need is a piece or two of eye-catching costumejewellery. In fact, oxidised jewellery can be organised into maang tikkas,armlets, wristlets, anklets, toe-rings and kadas at affordable prices. So, abold and smart address to your style is the way to go when all that glitters isnot gold!


If such jewellery is maintained with caution, it canlast as long as your gold jewellery. Keep your costume jewellery in a closedcardboard box, covered with cotton pads. The perfect place to store them iscool and away from sunlight. Even inside light source like florescent lights orlight bulbs turn the shade of oxidised jewelry with time. If you do not want towear a specific piece for a very long time, put it in an air-tight bag andstore it in a cupboard.Text

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