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The Swaraj brand has arich history and in the last 40 years it has a strong reputation amongst thefarmers and the brand is synonymous with trust, power & reliability. SwarajProduct ranges tractors from 15 HP to a 60 HP category, which caters to thefarmer’s need for various agricultural operations. They also take care of theircustomers and organize various activities to connect with its customers likeSwaraj Satkar where farmers are felicitated. Swaraj tractors have a strong andpowerful engine for smooth functioning in all conditions, even hard soil.

Every year, SwarajTractors sells over 50,000 Tractors across India and has a large network ofover 800 customer touch-points, and it ensures the satisfaction of its customerbase of 10 Lakh+ plus farmers and promises maximum services of their tractorsand equipment.  Swaraj Tractors series presents a winning combination ofstyle and performance, which provides great user experience to the farmers.Swaraj mini Tractors cost between 4-5 Lakhs and  Farm Tractors between6-10 lakhs.

“Customer is the king andthe satisfaction of the customers is the most important thing today and it ismore apt for today's business environment. It is the value-added to thecustomer that makes all the difference”

A key factor in customersatisfaction is understanding their needs and meeting their expectations.Furthermore, this is done while optimally using resources. Swaraj is purely anIndian brand, they manufacture tractors according to the needs and wants oftheir customers. It has all the qualities like:

High fuel efficiency,

Adjustable front or rearweight,

Adjustable front axle,

Steering lock,

Multi-speed reverse PTO,and

Mobile charger typefeatures.

Swaraj 855 comes with anaffordable price range and unmatchable engine power which have the potential toincrease productivity on the field. 

Varied product ranges ofMINI TRACTORS

Swaraj Tractor provides agood range of Swaraj Mini Tractors for short and compact usage. They allowfarmers to work efficiently without fatigue. These tractors have a very gooddesign. They also have special features like easy gear shifting and adjustablesilencer.  

The Swaraj Tractor rateis very reasonable and affordable for Indian Buyers. Swaraj Tractors have aslow as 15 HP Tractors. With the advancements in technology and improvisation inthe methods of agriculture and farming equipment, the role of tractors has beenundeniably remarkable. Tractors play a major role in farm mechanization for avariety of tasks such as tilling, plowing, planting, clearing the bushes,etc. 

Swaraj Tractor Companyhas played a very important role in automating all agricultural tasks andhelping the farmers with its range of farm equipment that has simplified thetasks of farmers.

Swaraj 717 is the latestand the most economic tractor by Swaraj. This best-in-class tractor redefines afarmer’s life and makes all his tasks very easy. It offers solid performance inusing all the implements and can be used for multiple crops like grapes,groundnut, cotton, castor, etc. It is easy to maintain and highly reliable touse.

Swaraj is a one in allthe foremost undefeated brands within the field of tractors makers. And, it's asecond-highest merchandising tractor in India. it's an honorable name amongstthe farmers and therefore the company symbolizes trust, power, anddependability. Swaraj tractor contains a commendable history of forty years. Itcreated an unbreakable name in India. Swaraj tractors have a reliable, robust,and powerful engine for sleek functioning in demanding conditions. Swarajtractors get pleasure from the trust of quite eleven 100000 happy customers.Swaraj tractors are very suitable to work and are available with distinctstyling and distinctive identity at reasonable costs.

Swaraj is a tractor andfarm instrumentation producing company that's closely-held by MahindraTractors. Once referred to as Punjab Tractors, the corporate was taken byMahindra Tractor in 2007 and later on, in 2009, the name was modified to SwarajTractor. Punjab Tractors was the primary company to manufacture agriculturaland farming tractors in India, capably named Swaraj giving a replacementdimension to the idea of independence placed forth by MK Gandhi. The seeds of thisorganization were seeded in Central applied science analysis Institute (CMERI),Durgapur (West Bengal) in the Sixties within the style of a style project, thatlater took the shape of a corporation in Mohali (Punjab), close to Chandigarh.

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Swaraj Product listincludes tractors from 15 HP to a 60 HP category, which caters to the farmer’sneed for various agricultural operations. Swaraj models have special featuressuitable for all agriculture applications. Customers are very important tothem. So, they organize various customer engagement activities like:

Free service camps,

Doorstep service, and

Swaraj Aabhar.

They also understandtheir corporate responsibilities and have been undertaking various CSRinitiatives undertaken through Employee Social Option (ESOPs).

Swaraj Tractorsincorporates a very rich history of over 40 years. It has an upright reputationamongst the farmers and also the brand symbolizes trust, power, andreliability. Swaraj tractors enjoy the trust of over 11 lakh satisfiedcustomers. Swaraj tractors have many unique features suitable for agricultureand haulage applications. Farmers are celebrated and felicitated by Swarajmanagement at events like Swaraj Satkar.

Swaraj Tractorsmanufactures high performance, multi-application rugged machine that givesmaximum comfort for the motive force at the foremost affordable tractor price.Swaraj Tractors sells over 50,000 Tractor and incorporates a large network ofover 800 customer touch-points, and it ensures the satisfaction of its customerbase of 10,00,000 plus farmers and promises maximum services.

Swaraj Tractors seriespresents a winning combination of fashion and performance, which provides greatuser experience to the farmers. Swaraj Tractors provides mini Tractors between4- 5.5 Lakhs and Swaraj Tractors also provides other Farm Tractors between 6-11 Lakhs.


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