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We have experienced and trained staff using the best non destructive equipment available to the market, we have robust procedures in place to ensure that our findings are accurate and peer reviewed. We have been put to the test on many occasions, we have not been found wanting and always stand behind our work.

Concrete Structure Investigations Ltd are non-destructive inspection and detection specialists to consulting engineers, and the construction and civil industries nationwide.

Non Destructive Inspection involves the evaluation of existing structures without causing damage, with the intention of gaining a better understanding of key structural elements. A reliable structural condition assessment with CSI relies on rigorous observations and collecting accurate data so we can adequately describe the existing condition of the structure. Concrete Structure Investigations have award-winning expertise and the resources to provide you with accurate, independent and innovative non-destructive testing.

Scanning is the most frequently used NDT method within CSI, however, there are many others you can find on the CSI Concrete Scanning There are links below within concrete elements in order to determine their structural capacity.

Scanning is primarily used to determine the estimated size and layout of steel reinforcement within concrete elements in order to help determine their structural capacity.


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