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Vancouver, British Columbia
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William Taylor
2245 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3G1, Canada
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Find the best rated art restoration service in Vancouver at the Petley Jones Gallery. We are committed to the highest quality restoration & conservation of paintings and their frames. We implement the various techniques of treatments that are employed to match the needs of the painting and the owners’ requirements. You can easily contact us to arrange a specific time for the art to be assessed. We can restore the paintings so that it can be visually attractive and may need conservation methods to prevent further deterioration. We always suggest the clients to keep and restore their original or antique frames if possible. Previously, when a frame was utilizing for an individual painting, its cost was very high or more than the painting itself. Over time most of these frames were damaged due to repair and painting over the gold leaf, stressful environmental conditions etc. for restoration of art, we use several techniques such as cleaning, paint removal, structural and ornament repair, casting , gilding and refinishing can be done. For more details, call us at 6047325353.

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