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Ultrasound are sound waves or vibrations having ultrasonic frequency (>20,000Hz), which are beyond the limit of human's ability of hearing. In medical terminologies Ultrasound Imaging, which is also known as diagnostic sonography or ultrasonography, is a diagnostic imaging technique used to create images of internal body structures such as muscles, tendons, blood vessels, joints and internal organs. It is used to unearth the source of a disease which helps in diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Here are 5 reasons why Ultrasound Imaging is quite useful and it is also very safe to go through an Ultrasound Imaging test: 

1. Radiation free 

Unlike other types of diagnostic imaging, such as x-rays, Ultrasound Imaging does not use any type of high-energy ionized radiation to create images inside of your body. However a low amount of radiation is used in most types of imaging(X-rays &CT) but Ultrasound Imaging completely eliminates this concern as it based on sound waves. 

2. Point of Care 

A Radiologist is a doctor specialised in imaging, performs the ultrasound scan, holds a hand-held device called a transducer which looks like a wand. This device is placed on the patient's skin and swiped slowly over the skin, the ultrasonic waves travel through fluids and soft tissues and it echoes or bounces back off denser surfaces and creates images of inner parts of your body. Latest generation machines are compatible, easy to handle and moved to point of care such as bed side and ER. Repeated imaging is required in few situations, and ultrasound is one of the best tool  in monitoring.

3. Minimal discomfort 

You might feel minimal discomfort during the ultrasound scan as the due to the coupling gel used which can be sticky sometimes. The scan does not cause pain as it is gently applied and you don't need to be concerned about it even if if study takes considerable time as it has no long term effects on your body. You can do all your work normally after finishing the ultrasound scan. 

4. Rapid diagnosis 

Ultrasound scan fastens the diagnosing process and it can show live images on the screen attached to the scanner. Depending on the type of examination, it usually takes time between 10 to 20 minutes. After that you can get your result immediately and make a follow-up appointment with the doctor for the reports. The doctor detects the cause of the disease with the help of the results and the treatment can be done quickly.Some of the diagnostic procedures such as biopsies( Process of taking a small sample) or fluid drainage are done using ultrasound scan, making the procedure more precise and less painful. 

5. Most popular in pregnancy scan

Ultrasound scan is mostly used during pregnancy as it does not harm the fetus in any way. It aids from the earliest confirmation of pregnancy, ploidy( number of fetuses) , due dates, rule out ectopic pregnancies and position of the fetus. It has the ability to detect many potential issues such as birth defects, monitor development and growth of the fetus, placental issues and identifying pregnancies at risk at the earliest.

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