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About Hidsh Solutions - Who we are

Hidsh Solutions,  a platform for users and providers that creates an alternative method of transportation. Anyone can earn extra income by posting their travel plans on hidsh.com and any user can save money by hiring trucking, freight carriers, cargo or logistics service providers including commercials whose travel plan is aligned with the transportation needs of the user. We are a communication service company as we let customers who need an alternative method of transportation services to decide on the cost directly with the service provider. We offer an alternative method of freight carriers, trucking, cargo, logistics services so as to let them get the delivery of their goods done at a reduced cost without using their own resources or conventional options like UPS/FEDEX/Canada Post/Puralator/US Postal Service/DHL/XPO/Deliv. Hidsh is a communication service company committed to provide transportation services including commercials by allowing users to connect with service providers.

What sets us apart - Hidsh Solutions Special Features

  1. The cost of the alternative method of transportation services will be directly negotiated between users and service providers without any direct input from Hidsh.com.

  2. Hidsh.com offers our customers, both users and service providers, the ability to arrange for travel or crowdshipping transportation within individual city limits, as well as between cities.

  3. Hidsh.com offers a great opportunity to create extra income for service providers.

  4. Users can also avail alternative method of freight, cargo or logistics services for delivery of their commercial goods without using their own resources at a reduced cost compared to conventional freight, cargo or logistics transportation methods like UPS/FEDEX/Canada Post/Puralator/US Postal Service/DHL/XPO/Deliv.

  5. Users can search the website for all trucking, freight carriers, cargo or logistics service providers including commercial companies whether near local area or outside to meet their search criteria.

  6. Service providers in Canada can search the website for any users that have personal goods delivery or commercial transportation needs that can be met directly by their planned route/trip using the vehicles that will be used.

  7. Departure and arrival schedules, as well as the cost of service, may be flexible as the two parties, users & service providers, can converse and negotiate all terms directly with each other.

  8. Anyone looking for a rideshare and carpooling can be a user (customer who requires transportation services) and/or a transportation service provider.

Why We Launched Hidsh Solutions

This is a newly launched business. We come to know about the problems which users and service providers face. As when users look for traveling or transporting goods/material either personal or commercial from one location to another they find it very expensive due to the high cost of transportation. Similarly, service providers find it hard to search for users who have the transportation needs aligned to the planned routes of service providers.

So we decided to launch this platform for both users and providers to reduce the cost of transporting personal or commercial goods/material and generate a second income for service providers. 

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