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iTellDigital Language Lab has empowered better management of language classes andcan utilize the unlimited opportunities to enhance the language instructionoffered by the system. Teachers and students are more motivated and thelearning experience is richer.

Thislanguage learning software helps in engaging the students and teachers withmanifold possibilities for individualization and interactivity while remotelymanaging their progress.The predefined workflows and functionalities of iTell-digital language laboratory helps to increase the time students spend activelyin learning and to improve their overall performance, motivation and results.

iTell is avery helpful tool for practicing and assessing one’s speech in any language. Itprovides a facility which allows the student to listen to model pronunciation,repeat and record the same, listen to their performance and compare with themodel, and do self-assessment.

SinceOréll’s language laboratory gives every learner of any language freedom tolearn at their own pace, it is flexible and does not necessarily require ateacher all the time. At the same time, it is possible for teachers to provideassistance individually and collectively. Italso allows every participant tohave his or her own privacy to speak and listen.


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